Everything you need to implement ThingWorx Navigate for PLM data

Build Integrations

Connect data from ThingWorx Navigate to Windchill or a third-party system. Once connected, test that data appears and behaves as expected. Test the data connection whether you’re using out-of-the-box (OOTB) apps or developing a custom app. 

Before you begin, complete these steps:

01. Build connections to retrieve data

If you’re implementing OOTB apps, skip this step.

As you develop your custom app, build the connections between ThingWorx Navigate and the systems that house your data. A technical developer should build the connections. They should be familiar with the third-party system that houses your data and know how to develop in ThingWorx.

Refer to the plan for integrations you created earlier. Review your plan about what data you need to retrieve and how you’ll connect. Consider network security and any firewalls or ports that might prevent systems from sharing data in both your development and production environments. As you build system connections, update documentation continuously.

Depending on how the system you’re connecting to, PTC has services to help. Find more information in the services below. 

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02. Validate connections

After you connect ThingWorx Navigate to data, test the connections in your development environment. Do this whether you’re implementing OOTB apps or a custom app.

Make sure that:

  • Data appears in the expected format and structure
  • Data flows as expected among systems
  • The expected amount of data flows through
  • ThingWorx Navigate respects the access controls defined in the source system
  • The speed is acceptable (the system does not time out before data transfer completes)
  • Users can access ThingWorx Navigate (the URL works)

Troubleshoot any connection issues before you execute your testing plan. If you need help, open a case with PTC Technical Support (requires login). 

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