Everything you need to implement ThingWorx Navigate for PLM data

Finalize App Design

Create a technical design document to guide the implementation of ThingWorx Navigate. Review the design with the project team and make sure it aligns with your use case.

Before you begin, complete these steps:

01. Create technical design document

Create a technical design document to prepare the team for installation and configuration. This comprehensive document will provide direction for the person or group who installs, configures, and writes code for the app. The senior developer or someone with the skills of a solution architect should create the document.

Review and include some of the key decisions you’ve made so far.

Your technical design document should include:

  • The user interface (UI) design (for custom apps)
  • Tailoring configurations (for out-of-the-box apps)
  • User groups
  • Data requirements
  • The systems you’re going to integrate with and how you’ll make those connections
  • Compliance and security requirements, including authentication
  • Mashups and/or Thing models that apply
  • Deployment approach (on-premises or cloud)

Not all of these items may apply, depending on whether you’re implementing out-of-the-box apps only or developing a custom app. Adapt your technical design document to your team's specific needs. 

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02. Validate the design

Review the technical design document with your project team and stakeholders. Discuss all the details so that project team members understand the various elements of the design and how each component works together.

Verify that the design satisfies the user requirements and aligns with your use case. Take time to answer questions and address concerns before you install the software or begin development.

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