Everything you need to implement ThingWorx Navigate for PLM data

Measure Business Impact

Revisit the goals and metrics you established for your ThingWorx Navigate project. Then, gather the data you need to measure success and consider your next steps.


Before you begin, complete these steps:

01. Review metrics and share results

Revisit the goals and metrics you set at the beginning of your project to measure progress and success and revisit your baseline metrics.

We recommend you wait 30-90 days after going live—depending on your use case—to assess the first metrics for the app. While it’s likely there will be some improvements almost immediately, some metrics require several weeks of data to properly measure, especially if any workers are slow to adopt the app.

Compare the baseline metrics to your current data to determine the value of the app so far.

Slow adoption is an indicator in itself. If people are not using the app, consider why they are having trouble accessing the app. Is there a network or hardware issue? Do they need training: Is the app addressing the use case? You can act on some of these factors.

Also account for any unplanned benefits that ThingWorx Navigate has provided to your organization. There may be measurable or less-tangible value worth highlighting. Based on the numbers and results group managers are seeing, you may want to adjust your value propositions. If so, clearly explain the reasons to your stakeholders.

Share the results and any adjustments to your value propositions with the project sponsor, project team, organizational leaders, group managers, users, and other stakeholders. It’s important to share these results so all stakeholders are informed about the value of the app. Reviewing these results can also help you strategize next steps.

You’ll provide a clearer picture of value if you continue to measure and report over time. Users may turn to the app more often as they get comfortable. They may also discover new ways to use product data. Usage may fluctuate with their need for information.


02. Revisit use cases

After you assess the business value of the app so far, consider how to expand the use of ThingWorx Navigate to bring the most value to your organization.

You could expand the app to other groups and locations. You can tailor an out-of-the-box app for other roles and users.

Look for other opportunities in your prioritized list of use cases. With the project sponsor and group managers, revisit the prioritized use cases and consider if you would rank them differently today.

To start a new use case and project, repeat the steps of this Success Path.


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