Everything you need to implement ThingWorx Navigate for PLM data

Go Live

When you’re ready to go live, promote ThingWorx Navigate to your production environment. Share progress with stakeholders and update documentation. Once the app is live, notify users and teach them how to access the app. 

Before you begin, complete these steps:

01. Promote app to production

When you're ready to go live, the IT team will promote the app to production. This means to deploy or “publish” the app, making it available for end users. If you’re using PTC-hosted Cloud, work with the PTC Cloud team.

During this process, we recommend the following:

  • Communicate the timing and progress of the launch to the project team.
  • Identify the systems that will experience outages (such as Windchill or other source systems) and communicate with the teams who manage or own them so that they can monitor for issues.
  • Back up the systems involved in case of issues. This includes ThingWorx Navigate, Windchill, and other systems you’re connecting with via custom integrations.
  • If you need to troubleshoot, do not make changes to the app in the production environment. If you make changes, update your documentation.

Once the app is live, notify the project team and stakeholders. 

02. Communicate with users

The person or group responsible for communicating with end users should notify all users that the app is live and ready to use. Refer to your organizational change management plan and follow up on any remaining communication and training items.

Provide end users with the information they need to access the app, whether that’s sharing the link or showing them how to access the app online.

Once the app is live, communicate with all users:

  • How to access the app
  • What login credentials to use
  • How to get support and/or training
  • How to access documentation
  • How to report issues 

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