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Check on Progress

Regularly meet with your project team to review your progress with Vuforia Chalk. Discuss project status, action items, and any issues or obstacles.

Connect with project team to review progress

Conduct regular check-in meetings with your project team to assess progress and monitor milestones according to your project plan and communication plan.

Review topics such as:

  • Overall status of the project, including timeline, budget, scope, and resources
  • Recently completed tasks and action items
  • Current action items
  • Open action items
  • New developments and insights
  • Issues, risks, or obstacles
  • Product usage

Gather updates from the deployment lead, technical lead, administrators, and other team members as they become involved in the project. Consider creating documentation (Word document, one-slide presentation, etc.) to regularly address the same topics mentioned above.

Consider meeting more frequently when your Vuforia Chalk project begins. As it progresses, you could meet weekly or every other week depending on what works best for your project.

Share progress updates with other stakeholders who should be included as the project progresses. If you have a PTC Customer Success Manager, they can help you track your progress.

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