Modbus Ethernet

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Product Overview

The Modbus Ethernet driver enables ThingWorx Kepware Edge to connect to devices that utilize the popular Modbus protocol. By converting from Modbus to more secure and efficient protocols directly at the edge, users can secure communications and reduce costly network traffic.

The ThingWorx Kepware Edge Modbus Ethernet driver includes different features and functionality from the KEPServerEX Modbus Ethernet driver, but offers the quality, reliability, and security of all Kepware products. Users can rely on the Modbus Ethernet driver built into ThingWorx Kepware Edge without fear of communication-related downtime.

The Modbus Ethernet driver also provides access to Modbus Ethernet protocol compliant devices for ThingWorx. Users of ThingWorx, the leading Industrial IoT platform, can now connect to these devices in a Linux environment using ThingWorx Kepware Edge.

  • Automatic Tag Generation
  • Supports Multiple PLCs via IP addressing
  • Supports Multiple or Single socket usage for better gateway resource management
  • Supports Tag import from Concept and ProWORX programming packages
  • Supports Advanced Statistics Tags, including _CommFailures and _ErrorResponses
  • Supports Memory Accesses to 65535
  • Hex Addressing Support (0-FFFF)
  • User Definable Read Block Sizes
  • Adjustable Address Base (0 or 1)
  • Word Order Swapping for Floating Point and Longs
  • 0xxxx - Output Coils, 1xxxx - Input Coils, 3xxxx - Internal Registers, 4xxxx - Holding Registers
  • All data types and arrays are supported
  • Modbus Ethernet
  • English
  • Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) Consumers
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform

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