PTC Session Descriptions Track 1 - 4


Creo Roadmap, Paul Sagar:

Attend this big-picture introduction to Creo to learn about the latest capabilities and what PTC has planned for the product. Come prepared for an exciting update on why Creo is the industry standard in CAD software.

Breaking Down Information Silos with ThingWorx Navigate, Graham Birch:

ThingWorx Navigate is PTC’s family of connected apps that provide self-serve, universal access to product information from Windchill and other enterprise systems in a role-based view that is easy to consume. These connected apps help accelerate completion of product development tasks and to facilitate better, faster decisions in engineering, manufacturing, and service. In this session, the presenter will review the latest and greatest features and functions and how your organization can achieve value with ThingWorx Navigate.

Accelerating Industrie 4.0 with Smart Connected Solutions, JP Provencher:

Gone are the days when we think of the factory as a rigid physical setting.  As Industrie 4.0 transforms factories from a physical to a digital setting, it is fundamentally changing the speed of factory innovation, moving to digital “clock speed”.  Rip and replace is no longer a viable strategy to innovate, wrap and extend is quickly becoming best practices to extract more value from existing investments. Never before has there been such disruption and yet opportunity in the factory.  Leading manufacturing teams are digitally transforming to become agile enterprises, capable of quickly adapting to their changing environment - with the speed and flexibility to deliver dramatic time-to-value. In this session, you will learn how to leverage market leading Industrial Innovation and Augmented Reality platforms to rapidly transform your factories into smart, connected operations.”

PTC’s Vision for AR in the Enterprise, Mike Campbell:

Augmented Reality has the power to fundamentally change the way people work. It bridges the digital and physical worlds, providing value across the enterprise. When coupled with IoT data, AR applications become truly transformative experiences, driving many enterprises to completely re-imagine how they design, produce, sell, operate and service their products.


Creo Simulation Live – A Design Revolution, Mark Fischer:

This session will introduce users to Creo Simulation Live powered by Ansys.  This new offering makes it possible for designers and engineers to analyze their product real-time while they design to help gain early insight into the products overall quality.  During the session, PTC will cover the strategic partnership with Ansys, an overview and demonstration of Creo Simulation Live and roadmap for new simulation offerings coming in the future.

Streamlining Your Part-Centric PLM Processes, Mark Lobo:

During this session we discuss how customers are moving beyond traditional CAD data management to manage parts and BOM within PLM.   Creating this complete product definition including the BOM, CAD, visualization and documentation enables huge benefits to the enterprise including reduced time to market and product costs, increased quality and customer satisfaction.  This approach in turn is an enabler for broader value-add in the product development lifecycle including platform based design and BOM transformation to drive MBOM & SBOM.   The discussion will include an overview of the various paths customers may take on this journey to drive a complete BOM definition.  In addition, we will highlight some of the latest improvements in Windchill for BOM, CAD to Part interaction and MPMLink.

Delivering Business Value with Smart Connected Products – PTC & Microsoft, Ken Rawlings: The Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver significant business value across numerous use cases in almost every business function of the enterprise.Product Manufacturers specifically aspire to bring their products to market faster, differentiate them against competition and drive new revenue streams. Together, PTC and Microsoft deliver IoT technology using ThingWorx and Azure IoT to realize rapid time to value for the Product Manufacturer.In this presentation, learn about how the IoT digital transformation triggered by Smart Connected Products will accelerate the performance of all functional areas of the enterprise, and how an appropriate platform-based approach to technology implementation can make those gains real and deliver them quickly.

Solving Manufacturing and Service Challenges with AR, Marc Schuetz:

For today’s industrial enterprise, the rapid competitive pace of the global market, digital transformation, and the increasing shortage of highly skilled workers is an immensely disruptive threat. However, businesses who adapt have the opportunity for competitive advantage. Learn how best-in-class manufacturing and service organizations are using Vuforia to increase performance, efficiency and effectiveness with remarkable business results.


Design for Additive Manufacturing, Jose Coronado:

This session provides a review of the capabilities in Creo 5.0 that enable you to design for Additive Manufacturing. It will also show how a Creo user can take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities without transferring data across multiple software packages specialized in different tasks. Say goodbye to the hassle and start thinking instead about producing parametrically controlled lattice structures and fully-detailed parts with accurate mass properties.

PLM Strategy and Roadmap in the New World of Digital Twin, Francois Lamy:

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality products with increasing customer demands for configurability and service. To get better insight into these new offerings, organizations need greater insight into their products than they have had before.  To support this is , it is essential that organizations embark on a Digital Engineering Journey to transform the way that they create products that are smart and connected. PTC continues to introduce new PLM solutions that will fast-forward your organization along its journey - energizing and connecting your product development teams and in turn, enabling you to get greater value from your PLM investments. We’ve taken important steps to integrate and extend the software and systems you depend on. During this session, hear about how PTC’s PLM solutions can help completely transform the way that your organization engineers products and explore PTC’s roadmap to continue your organization’s evolution in the IoT era. If you are a Windchill customer, this is one session you cannot afford to miss!

ThingWorx IIOT Platform: A Look Ahead, Rich Caplow & Tom Gaudet:

Attend this session to learn about all the exciting new features and functionality planned for ThingWorx Foundation and Edge. Hear PTC’s strategy around popular ThingWorx Foundation topics such as open platform, developer enablement, microservices architecture and device management, including tools you’re all familiar with in Composer and Mashup Builder. Understand our planned investments for the ThingWorx Edge MicroServer and SDK’s, as well as, targeted improvements for Industrial Connectivity.

Vuforia Chalk: Remote Expert Guidance with AR, JJ Lechleiter:

Vuforia Chalk for the enterprise delivers AR-powered remote assistance far beyond “see what I see”. This powerful AR-based communication technology has been called the future of collaboration, service, and support. Vuforia Chalk enables the delivery of expertise anywhere at any time.

Learn how industrial organizations use Vuforia Chalk to solve manufacturing and service challenges, reduce unplanned downtime and costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


Design with 2D and 3D Detailing (MBD), Michael Fridman:

This session provides insights about opportunities that can be achieved from MBD/MBE implementation and possible challenges that enterprises might face during this journey.

It will also provide a review of the new MBD & Detailing capabilities in Creo 5.0 that allow the user to annotate his design in an easy, accurate and fast way.

Redefining PLM: The Polaris Experience, Mark Lobo:

Polaris strives to give a great end-to-end experience for its riders – whether they are riding on snowmobiles or on-road or off-road ATVs: from customized purchase options to enhanced safety features and rapid service. In this session, presenters will outline how Polaris adopted a step-by-step approach to digital transformation through Enterprise PLM – fueling the passion of its workers and riders around the world.

Session Objectives:

  • Learn how Polaris is using PLM technology to create a single digital thread across digital engineering, manufacturing and service.
  • Watch demonstrations of how Polaris is using or could use PLM technologies to achieve its vision - from optimizing their CAD models, to driving a modular, platform-based product architecture, to transforming their bills of materials, accessing relevant product data via role and task-based applications and engaging with that data through augmented reality.

Manufacturing Transformed: Smart Connected Operations with PTC & Rockwell Automation, Andy Balousek:

Competitive pressures and demands for better financial performance are requiring manufacturers around the world to accelerate digital transformation across all levels of their businesses. Rockwell Automation and PTC have a long history of successfully leading industrial businesses on their journey of digital transformation.  Through a newly formed strategic partnership, both companies are combining resources, technologies, and industry expertise to more seamlessly serve your industrial business now and into the future.  

Join us on at PTC Forum and hear from our manufacturing executives from PTC and Rockwell Automation, as they discuss how this combined solution provides:

  • Scalable and connected technologies -- from edge to device to cloud – that can quickly wrap and extend existing technology and assets to optimize performance and provider unmatched operational visibility
  • Understanding of industrial applications and real time data by automating the advanced analytics to positively impact plant floor performance
  • Revolutionary ease of use to extend existing technology for industrial apps and augmented reality experiences

Learn how the combined resources, technologies and industry expertise of Rockwell Automation and PTC can accelerate your digital transformation in the factory.

Running Successful Augmented Reality Programs, Umar Arshad:

Please join this session to learn the proven best practices for running successful augmented reality projects that deliver business value in the form of improved workforce productivity, effectiveness and efficiency as well as competitive advantage by differentiating your products with AR.

Session Descriptions Track 5 – Customer

13:15 – 13:35

Smart companies & digital (r)evolution - digitalization and crosslinking as enabler
Dominic Lutz, Board Member, Gaugler & Lutz

This breakout will show you how a medium-sized enterprise manages the digital challenge in the operational and organizational structure.
Thus CAD/ CAM/ PLM connectivity is more than game changer just for the digital engineering.
With the help of some concrete examples and experiences you will get some useful information how you can handle the challenge.

13:35 – 14:00

ABB’s view on the Digital Twin
Dr. Christopher Ganz, Group VP, Group R&D Digital Lead, ABB 

The term Digital Twin is used in many different contexts in very diverse use cases. Common to these use cases is a need for data exchange between applications that represent the different aspects of a digital twin, along the lifecycle of an asset and also along the IoT stack. In this talk, we will present ABB’s interpretation in the context of the ABB Ability IoT platform and customer use cases.

14:15 – 14:35

Optimizing engineering with AR: CapDes
Rikard Kallberg, Product Manager, ABB

ABB Capacitors & Filters provides tailor made solutions for improved Power Quality. Speed, Quality and Cost-competiveness are success factors. With a powerful configurator, CapDes, engineering work gets automated and designs optimized - throughout CREO & Windchill. With Vuforia AR we have taken the next step in visualizing our solutions and making work simple.

14:35 – 15:00

*Live Only*

Applying a startup-approach in a complex organization: one year journey of digitalization product process

During the Talk we will share our experiences to implement a startup approach within the AUDI IT, containing a view on organization, culture as well as Technology.

15:15 – 15:35

How BMW develops complex, safety-critical systems using model-based engineering
Dr. Georg Strobl, Head of System- and Functional Safety Powertrain, BMW & Andreas Korff, MBSE Presales Director, PTC

New Automotive Systems in E/E are highly connected and are built on the collaboration of distributed functions. In addition, the requirements for safety concepts are getting more and more demanding due to higher degrees of automated vehicle functions. In order to fulfill the norms like ISO26262, new methods to verify functional safety have to be introduced. System architectures and requirements have to be developed in parallel. We will share how BMW introduced – and the benefits of – step approach models for multi-level system architectures and the joint use and re-use of these models, all based on a common development methodology and a modeling tool chain, which integrates existing solutions and data.

15:35 – 16:00

Carlsberg global packaging lines performance tracking solution
Victor Glukhov, Group MES & Automation Senior Manager, Carlsberg

In the session you can learn about Carlsberg’s experience with the implementation of a global online packaging performance tracking solution. The use of an IoT approach in machines’ data connectivity and a cloud-based application setup allowed Carlsberg to fast-track deployments and get worldwide packaging lines data available to all the user groups.

16:15 – 16:35

Augmented Reality for Injection Molding Processes
Dr. Raphael Rohde & Nils Domack, Phoenix Contact

Digitalization is one of today’s engines for technological trends and new development. The added value of this data is demonstrated at Phoenix Contact, for example in the in-house tool shop. By the use of Augmented Reality during maintenance and assembly of complex injection molds, information like hot runner channels, heating and cooling circuits, the optimal tool temperature and the necessary assembly steps are displayed. Production and process information are retrieved directly at the machine and information customized to the respective user is provided. Also the facility management is already using Augmented Reality at Phoenix Contact. External maintenance staff can be navigated through the building and provided with the information required for the respective maintenance case. Controlled safety briefings take place immediately onsite, directly before use. This is achieved by the high data depth; it is the accomplishment of Augmented Reality to provide transparency and therefore to support the in-house value chain.

16:35 – 17:00

IoT – Digital Projects at Airbus Helicopters
Christine-Anne Chevry, Senior Manager Digital Industry Business Solutions, Airbus

  • Introduction: IoT Ambition across Airbus
  • Digital IoT Portfolio
  • IoT is expected to deliver value along the Airbus value chain
  • From New Requests to Industrialization of Industrial IoT Projects
  • IoT Architecture Definition & Set-up Installation PTC Thingworx & CSM
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • IoT Industrialization & Feedback from the Users of Industry

Session Descriptions Track 6 – Sponsor

13:15 – 14:00

Digital Transformation: The Industrial Challenge
Michel Huy, Regional Sales Director EMEA Information Solutions, Rockwell Automation

To simplify connectivity and improve the availability of insight into operations, Rockwell Automation and PTC have released a collaborative offering–the FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite, powered by PTC. The new offering reduces costs, improves user interactions and eases maintenance with augmented reality (VR) technologies. It brings you a set of capabilities to grab vast amounts of data from any data source quickly, organize that data, add context to give you the ability to add insights.

14:15 – 14:35

The Industry 4.0 Paradox
André Barneveld Binkhuysen, Partner & NL Lead Industry 4.0, Deloitte Consulting B.V.

Deloitte performed a survey looking at how companies are investing in Industry 4.0-driven capabilities to enable digital transformation. This Industry 4.0 era has opened up new opportunities to drive innovation and growth in business operations, processes and production. That said, how are organizations planning to invest in digital transformation? Where and how do they plan to use these digital technologies? In this session, we will discuss the results of the survey and address some of the challenges that we have seen in the market.

14:35 – 15:00

Accelerating your Digital Transformation in Engineering with Solutions from Capgemini & PTC
Udo Lange, Vice President, Capgemini Invent

Today's business dynamics require a much higher speed of your digital transformation program in Engineering and PLM. While the complexity of the solutions and the technology portfolio are increasing, the speed of implementation needs to to increase. Get to know how the combination of PTC technology and Capgemini’s transformation capabilities can provide you with accelerated solutions like Plant-in-a-Box or Tech-Publications-as-a-Service to reduce time-to-value.

15:15 – 16:00

Microsoft & PTC breaking the Boundaries
Patrik Sjostedt, EMEA Regional Business Leader – Manufacturing & Resources & Clayton Fernandez, Global Director, Internet of Things (IoT), Microsoft

The factory of the future is powered by the industrial internet of things, advanced automation, artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities. These technologies have catapulted manufacturing into a place where true value co-creation throughout the extended business network is accelerating digital transformation. Learn how Microsoft and PTC are breaking the traditional boundaries and limitations to deliver the most advanced manufacturing capabilities today.

16:15 – 16:35

Connected Digital Enterprise- A Center piece in Business 4.0
Parag Lapalikar & Prabhu VS Patruni, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has conceptualized a framework called ‘Business 4.0’ to lead the digital transformation wave. Its key components are: Intelligent Systems, Agile Processes, Automation and On Cloud. These elements are also driving TCS’ Alliance with PTC to provide ‘Exponential Value’ to the end customers.

TCS enables customers with an integrated services portfolio across Product, Manufacturing, and Service Processes with a Product Lifecycle foundation. This integrated capability and experience has been a key factor in TCS’ thought Leadership Business 4.0 framework.

For companies embracing Business 4.0, TCS proposes transformation to ‘Connected Digital Enterprise (CDE)’. Connected Digital Enterprise constitutes of Connected Workforce, Connected Manufacturing and Connected Services. It entails building a Model Based Enterprise and close looping Product Life Cycle. It takes a three-step approach:

Horizontal Integration:

The first step is about converting the Product Engineering information to integral, re-viewable data format from siloed file formats. We should leverage methodologies like Model Based Systems’ Engineering and Model Based Engineering. A Platform approach provides greater facilitation for the same and PTC ThingWorx has integrated several tenets of these methodologies.

Vertical Integration:

Following horizontal integration, companies have to seamlessly integrate other enterprise elements. For example, connecting the shop floor systems, execution and enterprise systems. The right information needs to be available at the right time to each of the layers for decision-making. Technologies like AR/VR and Digital Twin are key to build a Connected Workforce.

Closing the Loop:

The feedback and information exchange across value chain with an Analytics and machine learning foundation enables the “Exponential Value” for the operational excellence and top customer experience.

TCS has been working with PTC for over 18 years with many global companies. With them, we have been building frameworks, proof of concepts and use cases. The session will focus some of our implementations across the value chain. Our mission is to help our customers transform to Connected Digital Enterprises, as it becomes imperative in the Business 4.0 world.

16:15 – 17:00

PLM solution to the Cloud
Issam Darraj, Digital Product Manager, ABB

In this session, we will present how ABB's Electrification Products Division moved their PLM solution to the Cloud. We will describe the challenges, key success factors and lessons learned.