Get Up to Speed with CAD: Capabilities, Trends, and How To Put it All To Work

A PTC Virtual Conference


Presented by Brian Thompson

From the promise of emerging technologies to pressures facing industry, design engineers today are looking at a very different professional landscape.

Relax at home and let Brian Thompson, DVP of PTC’s CAD business, take you through how these technologies are being used and what to expect in the future.

Creo Roadmap

Presented by Paul Sagar

A perennial favorite. Join the head of Creo product development as he tells you what’s now and what’s new in Creo 7.0, our most innovation-rich release yet! Learn about groundbreaking generative design capabilities, simulation-driven design, multibody, and productivity enhancements.

Generative Design

Generative Design

Presented by Linda Lokay & Mark Fischer

CAD stands on the verge of another revolution, powered by generative design. Join us to understand what this technology means to the design engineer now, how it will improve the design process, and where Creo is headed. You’ll see how generative design allows you to specify design intent, explore tradeoffs, and discover requirements you might not have considered.

Creo Multi-Body

Creo Multi-Body

Presented by Martin Neumueller

Multi-body design is new with Creo 7.0. Join the product manager to see how multibody enables advanced design workflows, the design of multi-material parts, the reduction of referencing complexity, and productivity improvements.

Model Based Definition

Model Based Definition

Presented by Michael Fridman

Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model. Attend to see real-world examples of the impact MBD can have on how you do your job (value opportunities), the evolution of MBD within Creo, and what Creo 7.0 brings. This session will also cover tolerance analysis. Not sure you’re making the most of these capabilities to streamline your workflow and create more value? This session is for you.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Presented by Jose Coronado

See what’s possible when you design for additive manufacturing. Only Creo gives you the power and flexibility you need to design, optimize, validate and run a print check all in one environment, closing the gap between 3D CAD and 3D printing. You’ll also see what new in Creo 7.0.

PTC Mathcad


Presented by Andrew McGough

Mathcad Prime 6.0 features a new symbolic engine that will give you more control over symbolic calculations as well as more flexibility to incorporate enhancements and improvements. These new capabilities bring your engineering calculations to life in a way you never could before!