• Increasing Asset Efficiency

Increase Your Machine Efficiency With Asset Performance Management

Improve asset utilization, reduce changeover times, decrease unplanned downtime, and reduce WIP inventory to drive efficiency.

Unlock opportunities to improve machine efficiency

manufacturing equipment asset efficiency
PTC helps our manufacturing customers achieve greater asset utilization and return on assets (ROA), including:
Up to a 50%


Up to a 15%


Up to a 50%


Up to a 70%


Drive improved machine efficiency through smarter asset management

Whether you’re struggling with excess WIP inventory, unwieldy changeover delays, or underutilized equipment, asset performance management insights can dramatically increase your factory efficiency. PTC delivers real-time asset performance monitoring and predictive analytics needed to drive enterprise asset efficiency improvements.

How PTC helps increase machine efficiency and improve asset performance management

See how PTC customers are improving asset efficiency and achieving their digital transformation objectives


Pactiv unlocked data buried in their production lines by leveraging PTC’s industrial IoT technology and manufacturing solutions to achieve greater operational efficiency.

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Brembo streamlined their production line processes using PTC’s industrial IoT technology to automate data capture and unify IT-OT connectivity.

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LACROIX Electronics

LACROIX Electronics gained real-time visibility into their production processes while improving industrial data collection to identify root-cause analysis equipment failure and component defects.