• Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Connect your machines, employees, and processes—unlocking new data-driven capabilities.

What is IIoT?

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The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects your people, products, and processes to power digital transformation. Using industrial IoT platforms, companies connect, monitor, analyze, and act on data in new ways.

You can start fast with digital transformation, using IoT for strategic pilots, while easily scaling solutions to reshape your organization. Leaders depend on the industrial IoT from how they design, manufacture, and service products, to how they create value and engage with customers.

Unlock your potential with IIoT solutions

The best way to accelerate digital transformation is by using a proven industrial IoT platform that’s purpose-built for you. An established platform offers several advantages:




Scale to new markets, improve throughput, and unlock new business models such as products as a service.



Get to market faster with rapid application development. Use industrial Internet of Things platforms to wrap and extend legacy assets for new functionality.



Harness data from connected products and systems to boost productivity and efficiency while lowering costs.



Make product, service, and factory operations more secure and scalable. Improve service quality, reliability, and satisfaction.

Drive rapid value with IIoT use cases

Accelerating your digital transformation takes more than just the right industrial Internet of Things platform. You also need pragmatic applications of technology that will make an impact on your business. PTC customers use our IIoT products to address proven use cases—building a repeatable roadmap for success:

Product as a Service

Remote Condition Monitoring

Digital Work Instructions

Real-Time Visibility

Plant Benchmarking

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Product as a Service

Boost customer experience and drive demand with new product capabilities and innovative services.

IIoT production line IIoT production line

Remote Condition Monitoring

Prevent downtime and minimize your on-site service footprint to improve customer success and satisfaction.

Engineer observes progress on the manufacturing floor Engineer observes progress on the manufacturing floor

Digital Work Instructions

Give your frontline workers the digital tools and data they need to be safer and more productive.

Engineers discussing production in the factory Engineers discussing production in the factory

Real-Time Visibility

Deliver operators real-time data to ensure uptime, maximize asset efficiency, and improve output quality.

Engineer checking rate of flow in pipeline Engineer checking rate of flow in pipeline

Plant Benchmarking

Shop-floor improvements start with better KPIs. Use plant-benchmarking for consistent performance analysis.

Experience IIoT’s real-world impact

PTC has worked with leading industrial companies in manufacturing and service to transform their business through IoT. Read their stories.


Caterpillar is helping De Beers ensure safe mining conditions above the arctic circle using monitoring and predictive service solutions from PTC.

Watch their story

Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell achieved a 92% first-time fix rate using PTC’s ThingWorx platform to enable remote monitoring and service.

Follow their journey


CIMC launched a smart manufacturing initiative leveraging the ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform to integrate IoT with their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and break down data siloes.

Follow their journey


HIROTEC improves productivity for its manufacturing customers by using PTC solutions to connect, monitor, and optimize their shop floor products.

Follow HIROTEC’s journey

PTC’s IIoT products


ThingWorx: PTC's market-leading, purpose-built Industrial IoT solutions platform

Built for end-to-end solutions with a complete set of must-have capabilities, ThingWorx is recommended by industry analysts, trusted by customers, proven in the field, and preferred by partners.

Discover ThingWorx


Digital Performance Management: Your continuous improvement solution

Break down data silos with Digital Performance Management, PTC’s closed-loop continuous improvement solution. We’ve developed a view of your performance based on the universal business metric of time. Explore how you can monitor performance, prioritize areas for improvement, analyze production losses for root-cause analysis, help find prescriptive and targeted actions for improvement, and compare performance across the enterprise.

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Expand your IIoT expertise


State of the IIoT Report

Explore extensive research findings to gain in-depth insights about the present—and future—of industrial IoT.

Reduce WIP Manufacturing Inventory

The Benefits of IIoT Projects

While companies must weigh the expense of industrial IIoT investments, it's important to appraise the benefits of IIoT projects as well as understand the cost of IIoT inaction.


Mastering IIoT Success

Develop a digital transformation strategy that maximizes value and the odds of IoT success. We’ve created a guide to help get you started.


Get First-Hand Experience

Explore the potential of an industrial Internet of Things platform for yourself. Join the ThingWorx Developer Portal, and gain access to resources and support—including full trial access to IIoT software.


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