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Dedicated to ensuring you are successful with PTC technology

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PTC Success Management is your proactive ambassador dedicated to ensuring you are successful with your PTC investment. By leveraging data and systems to monitor the health of your adoption and optimizing your experience with PTC, we ensure you realize fast time to first value from PTC technology.

What are Success Plans?

A PTC Success Plan is a strategically packaged set of services, resources and guidance designed to maximize the value of your software investments. No matter your goals, you can get value out of your PTC experience on Day 1 with access to the training, subject-matter experts, and innovative services to reach business outcomes and drive greater results.

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"I am so glad my Customer Success Manager has been there to support me the entire way. She’s fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to support me. If I ever have any questions, she always has the answer, and if not, she finds it quickly, and checks up on me often which is great because it reminds me to look into what PTC can do for us. She is truly amazing!"

– Danae Goldammer, North America Product Manager, ESAB

What Are Rapid Outcomes?

PTC Success Management understands that you want to hit the ground running with your new technology investment, which is why we’ve developed Rapid Outcomes. Rapid Outcomes are specifically designed to help you achieve a targeted result on PTC solutions and platforms. Designed to deliver value quickly and effectively, rapid outcomes drive productivity and expedite use cases in a fast, flexible service, delivering what you need, when you need it.

"As a PTC Partner, we have leveraged the Customer Success Management Group’s Rapid Outcomes program with excellent results! Whether it is validating our ThingWorx designs, collaborating on use cases, or reviewing a newly developed custom application, PTC’s talented team gives us added technical expertise to deliver high quality solutions to our customers."

– Jeff Stebbins, CEO, New Vision  

PTC’s Success Management Program was recently recognized by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Awards as an industry leader in providing innovative approaches that help customers achieve rapid time to value and overall success. Along with this award, PTC also earned the coveted TSIA Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Dedicated to ensuring you are successful with PTC technology