PTC University Expert Model Analysis

Analyze your Creo models and improve your modeling practices

Using the PTC University Expert Model Analysis technology you will gain a better understanding of your Creo models with the push of a button. You can use this insight as the basis for a targeted learning initiative that will improve your CAD efficiency. The technology has been used for all PTC University CAD Optimization engagements since it was first released in 2011 and customers were able to realize considerable improvements.

XMA assesses models in 50 areas of analysis around Geometry Quality, Design Intent Strength, and Model Complexity. Each assessment presents the results in a rich, graphical format and teaches you why the results matter. With XMA, you not only get the reports, but you get detailed information on what the findings mean and the impact that improvement can have to your overall productivity.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

An XMA scan is bound to reveal surprises whenever you give it a large number of models. The modeling capabilities in Creo Parametric are powerful and sophisticated, so it is easy to introduce unwanted characteristics and it can be difficult to identify these problems manually. XMA gives you a comprehensive view of potential issues with easy-to-read charts and spreadsheets that highlight outliers among your models.

Align Teams and Departments

You can use XMA to discover differences in the modeling practices between teams in your organization and discover the impact of poor modeling practices on downstream deliverables and models. With XMA, you will have the information you need to standardize your organization’s modeling techniques and drive best practices through teams and departments.

Develop Targeted Optimization Programs

The wealth of information generated by XMA allows PTC University experts to pinpoint where your practices need improvement and to work with you to find the consulting and training on CAD standards that best meet your needs and help prevent poor modeling practices. Whether it is user skill improvement, methods development, or Best Practice Academy Learning Programs, XMA will help PTC University tailor the right user and organization optimization strategy for your company.

Licensing Options

We are offering three options for leveraging XMA - from a free trial up to XMA Desktop Advanced which includes all available functionality and allows for an unlimited number of scans.

  XMA Desktop 30-Day Trial XMA Desktop XMA Desktop Advanced


File Limit Per Scan 500 2000


Geometry Quality
Design Intent Strength
Model Complexity
Report Exporting and Printing  
Report Comparison    


Custom Grade Profiles    
Command Line Interface    


● Full ○ Partial      

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows XP 64 bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit

Internet Explorer

  • 64 bit Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 (As of XMA 2.2)
  • 64 bit Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 (As of XMA 2.2)
  • 64 bit Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9

Microsoft Excel 2007 or later

  • XMA Desktop can export report data to Excel 2007 spreadsheet files

How to know what you don’t know

Leverage modern assessment technology to set up a successful learning path. Download white paper >>

Download the XMA Datasheet (.PDF)

An analysis by PTC University Expert Model Analysis (XMA) will help you improve the modeling practices of your entire organization. Download the Datasheet