Optimization Services

Ensure peak performance and maximum value from PTC solutions.

Set It and Forget It or Continuous Optimization?

Deploying and adopting new solutions is a big effort for most organizations. You want to celebrate completion and move on to the next priority, start the next project, and put out the latest fire.

But that’s when the hard work is really just beginning. The reality is that you need to see solutions in practice before you can fully understand how to gain maximum value. And maximum value is a moving target. People change, the market changes, requirements change.

Rather than “set it and forget it,” organizations need to focus on continuous optimization, an ongoing effort to review and improve people, process, and technology in support of optimizing the impact and value of every solution.

PTC’s Optimization Services provide users of PTC solutions with a fast, structured and affordable way to assess solution performance, identify gaps, and quickly improve outcomes in people, process, and technology. To ensure rapid and sustainable performance improvement, PTC’s Optimization Services include a standard, three-stage approach:

  • Analyze and Plan: Quickly identify key gaps and cost-efficient improvements
  • Execute and Improve: Eliminate key performance gaps with targeted people, process, and/or technology improvements
  • Measure and Monitor: Confirm performance improvements and institute ongoing performance monitoring

Increasing MCAD Efficiency

Constant demands on organizations to improve design collaboration, speed time to market, and boost productivity with new and existing tools puts MCAD efficiency at a premium. Our CAD Optimization Services use PTC University Expert Model Analysis (XMA) to assess PTC Creo-based models in 50 areas of analysis around geometry quality, design intent strength, and model complexity. The resulting assessments can pinpoint areas where organizations struggle to use PTC Creo effectively, identify gaps from best practice, and support optimization initiatives to improve CAD efficiency by 30% or more.
>> Download the CAD Optimization datasheet here (.PDF)

Optimizing PLM Value

As companies update business goals for product development, they often struggle to ensure that their PLM systems and programs keep up with changing priorities and requirements. PTC’s PLM Optimization Services identify and implement critical improvements in product development processes, end user skills and usage, and system upgrades and improvements, including shifting application management from on-premise to PTC Cloud Services.


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