Learning and Adoption Services

Enabling your Organization to embrace change.

Ensuring value with new technology

Organizations invest in technology to drive innovation, improve productivity, and accelerate business change. Yet many organizations fail to realize the full potential with new technology because they stumble when it comes to organizational change and end user adoption of the new ways of work.

A Holistic Approach to Adoption

Training users on the new technology is necessary but hardly sufficient. To ensure rapid and successful adoption of the technology and the new processes enabled by the technology, organizations need a more holistic approach. At PTC, we emphasize an integrated, four-step program:

  • Plan: Design and align key stakeholders around a comprehensive adoption strategy
  • Aware: Prepare the organization for change with broad-based, regular communication
  • Acquire: Educate and train users with role-specific knowledge and skills
  • Apply: Ensuring the solution is used effectively with coaching, mentoring and ongoing support