The Cloud: What’s in it for me?

A confluence of forces has created a ‘perfect storm’ that has fueled the emergence of a new way of delivering and consuming business applications and technological power, called ‘Cloud Computing’.

Unlike past generations of hardware and software which depended on organizations acquiring and administering physical assets on their own within their operations, Cloud Computing fundamentally changes the way organizations obtain and utilize software and hardware functionality via more user-friendly, virtualized services rather than complex and costly packaged products.

This dramatically different approach to acquiring business applications and technological power can significantly reduce the risks associated with deploying hardware and software, while accelerating the time to value for organizations that take advantage of these Cloud-based alternatives.

However, the promise of the Cloud still has its pitfalls. The proliferation of players seeking to win a share of the market has created a “Cloud Rush” effect that can jeopardize the potential benefits, which organizations can gain from today’s Cloud alternatives.


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Reaping the Benefits of the Cloud: What’s in it for me?

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