Remote Service | Services

Detect and Resolve Service Issues Before they Cause Downtime

With Remote Service, you are able to solve problems before the customer knows they exist and without a costly onsite service visit. Instead, remote technicians monitor equipment performance and condition to capture critical alerts in real-time. and resolve issues for connected equipment in the field.

Benefits you can expect from remote service include:

  • Improved equipment uptime and field service productivity
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtime
  • Reduced service costs by only repairing or replacing assets when warranted by condition and time to failure
  • Insight into asset and service model through identifying common or pervasive service issues
  • Improved customer satisfaction by addressing service issues immediately


Elekta Improves Service and Gains Competitive Advantage

Elekta, a Swedish manufacturer of medical technologies for treating cancer and brain disorders, uses connectivity and smart device technology to provide more efficient, cost-effective service to their customers and their customers’ patients. In many cases, repairs can be effected prior to equipment failure, reducing or eliminating unplanned downtime.