Webinar Preview: Service Is Transforming – Six Case Studies to Learn From

Join PTC’s Ron Salvador, VP Business Transformation, on December 15 2016 at 11 a.m. EST for an engaging Q & A webinar session where we will discuss how the service arena is changing, what outcomes customers are seeking, and how service leaders can evolve their business to meet these challenges proactively. 

See how market leaders such as Embraer, Lexmark, and Diebold invested in service with remarkable results.

An October 2016 survey from leading technology market research firm IDC shows that customer expectations about service are changing. If you’ve ever balked at having to wait 15 minutes for tech support with your cable company, or hurled a few unkind words at your cell phone when your Wi-Fi was lagging, this won’t be difficult to believe. In fact, nearly 70% of manufacturers surveyed agreed – end-use customers have the same expectations from their business partners that they have for their personal devices.

What are the new demands on service providers? The top responses to the IDC survey were:

  • Faster response times
  • Better service
  • Help end-users keep up with competition
  • Customized and personalized service
  • Adding value while lowering costs

Your service business and your customers are likely facing the same pressures – how to do more with less. As devices and assets become more sophisticated, faster, and more responsive, the expectations around their performance also grow. PTC recognizes that historically, manufacturers and OEMs relied on a break-fix model, which relied on a transactional model between the end-customer and the equipment manufacturer. We also know that this must change. Customers and end-users expect minimal downtime and maximum productivity, and the days of spending time and money waiting for a service call are coming to an end.

To guide manufacturers in responding to these market pressures, PTC has identified a three-tier framework of service outcomes, taking manufacturers from the beginning stages of connecting their assets and gaining service visibility, to advancing their core service offerings with remote service and optimized inventory. When service offerings are transformed using connected assets and the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things, your service business can outperform your competitors by offering outcome-based contracts, maintaining longer customer relationships, and becoming a source of new revenue streams.

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