Tim Baines Discusses How Manufacturers Can Build Service Businesses

According to IDC, 40% of discrete manufacturers plan to offer product-service systems this year.

Professor Tim Baines, Director of the Advanced Services Group, Aston Business School, has studied this phenomenon extensively. He has spent more than 30 years working with and for manufacturing businesses, and currently advises those operating on a local and global scale on how to build advanced service businesses.

On May 2nd, executives will have the opportunity to learn from Professor Baines first hand in a one-hour webinar: “Transforming Manufacturing Operations to Deliver Advanced Services.” Those looking to evolve from product-focused businesses to services-first organizations will learn about:

  • Why B2B customers expect and demand aftermarket services.
  • The phases and steps manufacturers must take to build their service businesses.
  • A roadmap for executives who wish to facilitate a service transformation.

You can register for the webinar below:

Webinar: Transforming Manufacturing Operatiosn to Deliver Advanced Services 

‘Made to Serve’

Professor Baines co-authored a book with Dr. Howard Lightfoot, a manufacturing systems consultant, called “Made to Serve: How Manufacturers Can Compete Through Servitization and Product Service Systems.” The book features case studies on how manufacturers from Caterpillar to Rolls-Royce developed service-focused manufacturing organizations and informs manufacturers on how they can utilize their core competencies to build service businesses.

For instance, Chapter 5, “Delivery of Advanced Services” covers the systems manufacturers use to deliver advanced services:

"These concern (1) facilities and their location, (2) micro-vertical integration and supplier relationships, (3) information and communication technologies, (4) performance measurement and the demonstration of value, (5) people deployment and their skills, and (6) business processes and relationships."

Professor Baines is also hosting a workshop at LiveWorx that will guide manufacturers through the service transformation process, titled “Strategic Pathways to Advanced Services: Exploring the Barriers and Accelerators of Service Transformation.” You can read more about the session, or register for LiveWorx to save your spot at the conference.