Cut Costs, Improve Delivery, and Increase Productivity

If your service organization is not improving, it’s getting worse. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s impossible to maintain your customer base if you’re not consistently looking for ways to be more agile and improve your customers’ experience. If you’re not actively seeking ways to optimize your parts inventory and exceed SLA expectations, you’ll likely fall behind your competitors. 

Hopefully your service department has goals and benchmarks you’re trying to reach and exceed. Have you enlisted the help of a sophisticated service parts management solution that will help take you to the next level? Many companies use inventory management tools to help stay ahead of the pack. Take a look at a few service organizations that refuse to fall behind the competition: 


Embraer reduced service parts costs

Our first success story features Embraer, the world’s third-largest commercial aircraft manufacturer. Embraer has been involved in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting executive jets, commercial jets (with up to 120 seats), and defense aircraft.

Embraer consistently meets the high demand for service parts from major airline customers on five continents. How do they do it?

As its customer base grew, the company experienced a dramatic increase in the demand for aftermarket parts services. Their logistics team concluded that its ERP and legacy systems were not able to meet the needs of its increasingly complex service organization. So, they implemented the PTC Service Parts Management solution to replace existing parts software.

By leveraging new resources and processes, the executive aviation group achieved impressive growth in business volume without an increase in staff. What’s more? Service parts planning helped them minimize ordering errors and save through inventory rebalancing. They have cut service parts costs by $25.5 million.


Juniper Networks improved on-time delivery

A global leader in high performance network infrastructure, Juniper Networks, delivers high performance networking solutions that support the complex scale, security, efficiency and performance of the world’s largest and most demanding mission-critical networks.

Juniper aimed to improve their work planning, procuring, and moving products for their growing customer base. They needed a solution that would improve on-time delivery metrics, provide visibility into global service parts allocation, balance global inventory levels, increase material availability and reduce customer escalation tickets.

Juniper Networks made an investment in PTC Service Parts Management solution and it paid off—they saw a positive ROI in just 3 months!

Here’s what else they saw:

  • Their materials availability went up by 15%.
  • On-time delivery by improved by 27%.
  • Customer satisfaction rose by 10%.

Given these improvements, it’s not a surprise that their contract renewal rates are also up.


EMC increased service productivity

Global IT provider, EMC, helps customers move to cloud computing with state-of-the-art storage hardware for data backup and recovery. With over 3,500 unique parts and over $130 million in parts inventory in 50+ countries, EMC’s supply chain challenges are significant.

Although their service organization and inventory are complex, their goal was simple—to optimize the customer experience. Now, as improved productivity and customer satisfaction confirm, they have raised the bar for service excellence yet again.

By investing in an intuitive service parts management solution, they reduced inventory, ordering, and shipping expenses. They also improved parts planning productivity by 40% and overall service productivity by 25%. As if those numbers aren’t impressive enough, parts availability has increased to 98.5%!


Ready to create your success story?

Managing service parts effectively is integral to service lifecycle management. Your service team needs a solution that enables them to consistently apply the latest and best service intelligence. This helps them optimize service performance and increase customer satisfaction and profits.

To get started creating your service parts management success story, learn how to turn parts to profits in our white paper. Then, find out how PTC’s Service Parts Management solution can help take your service organization to the next level.


PTC Parts for Profit White Paper