Three ways to empower your field technicians

Service technicians and field reps need access to the right product information at the right time. The information needs to be timely, accurate and easy to access. If your technicians don’t have the right information or materials such as manuals, you could risk having your technicians second guess instructions (bad move) or reinventing a process (even worse move). This could result in missing deadlines or having a job done incorrectly.

Here are three ways to improve communication with service technicians by offering clear instructions and information.

Make information visual. Visuals help enhance communication, cut across language barriers, and can deftly explain complicated instructions. Providing visuals can help you communicate complicated instructions easier and help technicians understand clearly. This reduces the need for costly, time consuming, and error-prone translation and save time from having service technicians needlessly read lengthy service procedures.

Reuse your CAD files. You have existing CAD files, right?  Use them to create realistic, accurate graphics for your technicians. By reusing CAD files, you can tie them back to the original engineering, make it easier to develop illustrations, and better focus on communicating the right information instead of recreating geometry. To take the extra step, add callouts, annotations, and symbols to highlight additional details and actions for your technicians. 

Centralize and catalog your information. Long gone are the days when companies and organizations could have a place where they kept a simple library of documents. Think beyond that and towards a digital management and delivery system for important information. By digitalizing and centralizing your information, service technicians, field techs, and engineers, can all access the same document and not have waste precious time searching or scrambling to find it. Digitizing lets you improve the flow of information throughout your organization and supply chain and literally keeps everyone on the same page. 

By providing simplified, visual instructions for products, using (most likely) CAD files, and developing a digital catalog of all your assets, you can provide your service technicians with clear instructions and avoid miscommunications and incorrect installations. Your technicians will thank you. And so will the bottom line. 

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