June 14 webinar preview: ERP, Revenue Driver or Drainer?

Written By: David Lee

Wednesday, June 14, PTC will be hosting a panel of service industry experts and service leaders to discuss current challenges in supply chain management process. Manufacturers and OEMs are seeing their competitive landscape evolve exponentially, with customer expectations around service time at an all-time high, and growing pressures to find new revenue streams or streamline existing operations. Simple, “we’ve always done it this way” no longer serves the business needs of the organization, and it doesn’t meet client and customer needs.

While industries vary, the pressures on their supply chains share some common threads: their operations are global, and involve thousands of parts, moving across multiple locations, in service of thousands of assets. Managing a supply chain strategically, balancing customer needs while controlling costs, and making calculated, reasoned forecasts and tradeoffs is a key to running an efficient and profitable service arm.

Service Parts ManagementBut what happens when the pace of a growing business and service operations simply outgrows the tools used to manage these operations? In companies large and small, decisions are made using multiple legacy systems, from myriad spreadsheets to ERP systems reverse-engineered to manage supply chain decisions, when these two tools should be used as a ledger of record, not for decisions involving dozens of variables.

ERP systems and spreadsheets can often no longer manage dynamic supply chains or meet the demands of performance-based contracts. Many lack the flexibility and decision-making calculations available in more sophisticated service parts management solutions. The result? ERPs could be leaving revenue and margin on the table by failing to account for current and future service conditions.

See how industry leaders who have adopted service parts management solutions have evolved beyond the ERP, and gained visibility and control over their supply chain by attending the June 14 webinar.

Join expert service industry analysts from The Service Council and service leaders from Lexmark and Becton Dickinson for a panel discussion on supply chain management best practices lead by Michael Landry, President of Barkawi Management Consultants.

Attendees will receive exclusive access to TSC’s Research Insights report as a special thank-you from PTC.

Service Parts Management Webinar


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