April Webinar: Are You Delivering Customer-centric Technical Illustrations?

Written By: Miriam Schwartz

Field technicians and heavy, dog-eared service manuals have been a staple of the service industry. Service technicians flipping through manuals and schematics, trying to decipher which part goes where, hoping that the manual is accurate to the current make and model of the equipment being serviced, leads to frustrated customers, and frustrated techs.

Your customers also rely on clear, accurate, updated technical illustrations. Are your line-drawing capabilities keeping up?

Learn how to deliver superior customer service with expert tips for creating accurate and user-friendly technical illustrations in our upcoming webinar, showcasing Creo Illustrate by a PTC Creo technical specialist.  

Why watch? During this demonstration, you’ll learn how 3D technical illustration software can quickly improve your technical documentation and customer experience.

This webinar explains how to create rich, interactive, technical illustrations with Creo Illustrate. You'll see illustrations come to life in real-time, and get practical advice for your unique business needs. With associativity directly back to the CAD model, Creo Illustrate ensures that your technical graphics are consistently accurate, up-to-date, and in support of product and service documentation. Not only that, the time to create the most accurate graphics is dramatically reduced.

During the demo, you will:


Duration: 1 hour

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to see the power of Creo Illustrate. View now.



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