How Retailers Gain Actionable Insights from Data

 PTC FlexPLM and valued partner Kalypso have partnered to deliver the next competitive advantage for your retail business through the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics.       

IoT is undeniably revolutionizing the retail industry and retailers are experimenting with the advanced capabilities it has to offer – introducing new services, customer experiences, and entering new markets.

With IoT, the biggest challenge for retailers today is how to manage, analyze and act on the endless lines of data coming in from all of the connected devices.

Every day, in stores and across digital channels, your customers are telling you what they want. You may be collecting all of this data, but are you using the right tool to gain actionable insight? Applying traditional analytics approaches won’t work – these tools weren’t built for IoT. 

What’s the difference between Data and Real Time Business Intelligence? ThingWorx Analytics. Welcome to the Intelligence of Things.

By leveraging the PTC-owned ThingWorx Analytics solution, you can now use your data to respond quickly in design and development.  The difference is that you will be leading the trend vs. leaving your products on the shelves.

The Power and Speed of IoT. The Intelligence That Makes It Easy.

Harnessing the power of IoT, ThingWorx Analytics was designed to take the hard work out of data analytics, while giving you the input you need to make the decisions that matter. ThingWorx taps into the true value of customer data for all its worth, delivering designers and developers in-the-moment, actionable insights straight from your customers to you.

What Makes ThingWorx Analytics Better From The Rest? Simple.

  • Open Platform – integrates with any system as a part of the IoT Platform, working independently within your IoT technology stack.
  • Data Expertise Not Required – delivers proactive, mathematically analyzed business insight that’s easy to read, understand, and make decisions from by anyone in your team.
  • Partners like Kalypso make it easy – helps your team with quick-start analytics services so you can maximize innovation and value.


Learn how your organization can leverage ThingWorx Analytics to gain actionable insights from data. Watch the replay