PTC Service Parts Pricing Solution

Grow market share and profit with strategic parts pricing

The PTC Service Parts Pricing solution enables companies to increase revenue and maximize service profitability through the use of the right combination of three advanced pricing approaches: price alignment, market-adaptive pricing, and price elasticity. This enterprise solution recommends an optimal price for each service part, as well as ongoing changes as market dynamics shift.

Key Benefits:

  • Realize untapped revenue and profit where parts are priced too low

  • Improve competitive market position where parts are priced too high

  • Recommend new part prices based on external factors that may include form, fit, function, geography, and distribution channel

  • Provide an auditable pricing platform that considers all factors affecting parts pricing

  • Interpret all internal and external data for optimal lifecycle pricing

Pricing professionals must carefully calibrate service parts prices to achieve an optimal balance between gross profit - ability and market share.

Download the PTC Service Parts Pricing Solution Brochure » [.PDF]