PTC Service and Parts Information Brochure

Increase Parts Revenue and Improve Technician Effectiveness

PTC Service and Parts Information Solution is an end-to-end solution enabling the creation, management and delivery of content for servicing equipment. Service information is used in every service transaction, by every service provider, every day, so its quality is imperative for world-class service operations.

This service information solution enables:

  • Technical, parts and graphical information that is contextually rich to drive precision filtration for the service event at hand

  • Exceptional scalability for large content sets and worldwide/global user bases Aggregation of multiple data sources and formats into a single user interface for better change management process, revision management and accelerated overall service information processe

  • Associative re-use of upstream engineering data such as Engineering Bills of Material (eBOM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) models, to drive authoring efficiency and change process for ensuring end user content trustworthines

  • Enhanced service parts revenue with access to high quality, product-centric parts information, both directly and from related technical source

PTC provides the end-to-end integrated solution for equipment service information. We span authoring, management, and delivery of all needed content types – XML topics, documents, 2D/3D graphics, and parts information. The solution associates this information from Engineering through Tech Pubs to the end user, ensuring its trustworthiness and precise filtration for the service task at hand. It enables the best-available service information to drive parts revenue, productivity, and loyal.

— Hiren Kumbhojkar, Senior Director, SLM Solution Management, PTC

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