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Continuous Training: A Better Way to Learn

Invest in your entire team’s success by adopting a continuous training culture.

The Science Behind Knowledge Retention

According to the ‘Forgetting Curve’ phenomenon, knowledge retention steadily declines over time once the learning experience concludes.

Whether it’s re-training on a familiar subject or learning a brand new capability, the science tells us that continuous learning is key to knowledge retention.

This method of training enables students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom over time and revisit topics as needed.

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Improving Knowledge Retention

"This graph illustrates how multiple instances of learning drastically improves knowledge retention over time.

After one instance of learning, retention declines rapidly once learning has concluded. However, even after just one additional time of study, retention has improved significantly and "continues" to improve. Just take a look at the first time of study in comparison to the third.

This shows the science behind the benefits of continuous training and repetition of study in improving retention over time."

Why Create a Continuous Training Culture?

A continuous training culture is an intentional, ongoing effort to encourage teams to embrace new skills while optimizing performance.

Teams are motivated to continually review, refine, and adopt new approaches to meet ever-changing industry demands.

To do this effectively, businesses need a well-defined training strategy that is continuous and accessible to all levels of the organization.

PTC University’s LEARN Online Subscription is our answer to continuous training.

When your team is successful, your business thrives. A continuous training culture directly contributes to your team’s success. With a PTC University LEARN Online Subscription, continuous training is at your team’s fingertips anytime and anywhere with connectivity.

In this e-book you will learn:

  • What a continuous training culture is and why it's important to your business
  • What a LEARN Online Subscription is
  • How LEARN Online Subscription contributes to your team's success
  • How training offered in a LEARN Online Subscription benefits people of all software experience levels

Check out our eBook and put your team on the path to optimizing their performance!

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