The Benefits of ALM for Complex Software Product Development

Products today have never been so complex. Software is increasingly driving this complexity, and that ratio is increasing over time. Companies must have control of their software to meet the customer and stakeholder demands in the whole product development process. Unlike hardware, where the product may remain constant, the software can be updated more frequently, which requires careful management.

This is all taking place in a market with accelerated time to market. Within this landscape, companies must reduce the risk in product development. Another aspect is improving collaboration between different cross-functional units, both within and outside the company. This is particularly relevant when much of the innovation can live within the extended supply chain. The benefits of application lifecycle management (ALM) in managing this are becoming more recognized.
In this PTC Talks webinar, Mats Asplund, Sales and Accounts Manager at PTC Nordic, explains why we need ALM and how PTC’s new ALM product, Codebeamer, fits within the PTC digital thread for product development.
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Codebeamer | ALM solution

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