From Data to Decisions: How ThingWorx Empowers Textil Olius in Sustainable Manufacturing Excellence

In this session, Textil Olius and Integral PLM will dive into the transformative impact of utilizing PTC’s ThingWorx for effective control over intricate production processes. Discover firsthand how ThingWorx excels in capturing precise time and energy consumption data from a diverse range of assets, providing with invaluable insights. With this newfound accuracy, Textil Olius has the ability to prioritize efficiency measures, enhance competitiveness, and make informed decisions, particularly in their sustainability endeavors. Join us as we share Textil Olius’ journey, showcasing the pivotal role ThingWorx plays in propelling manufacturing operations to new heights of excellence and sustainability.

Delivering Real-Time Data Through Thingworx to Achieve Manufacturing Excellence

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Textil Olius Case Study

Textil Olius improves energy and environmental efficiency with an IoT pilot project. Watch the Video
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