Design for Sustainability With GreenPLM

GreenPLM Toolbox—PLM-driven approach to assess product sustainability from the first idea toward disposal.
The traditional three drivers of product development, time, cost, and quality are enhanced by a fourth factor: Sustainability. The product lifecycle must be optimized along with managed sustainability from concept to disposal within all phases. In addition, unclear future compliance regulations demand already today reportability. Environmental KPIs are to be captured and assessed, starting with the initial product drafting although required input is not available. This includes sustainability comparison of variants as decision for future directions. TTPSC’s GreenPLM toolbox will be presented as a scalable framework for assessing and continuously monitoring sustainability by integrating various data sources, including material data bases.
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Improving Sustainability in the Product Lifecycle With a Green Engineering Philosophy

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Using the Digital Thread to Support Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing creates opportunities for businesses and the planet

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