Digital Technology Transfer—A Disruptive Solution to Bring Drugs Faster From Lab to Patient

One of the key contributors to drug development cycle time is the time taken to scale up the manufacturing process to produce drugs with consistent quality and yield. The impediments are predominantly due to point solutions at recipe authoring and executions layers. Each execution run calls for recipe modification, sample batch testing, and analyzing the batch records. This process is significantly manually performed using process transfer documents, SOPs, and work instructions. This is the primary reason why the companies are challenged to introduce new products in a timely manner to the market The topic of today’s discussion on digital technology transfer solutions shows how the core capabilities of PLM platforms, like Windchill, can be leveraged to author a structured recipe that can be automatically transferred upstream or downstream, cutting down the drug development timeline by at least 30-40%.

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Reducing Time to Market With Digital Technology in Pharma Manufacturing

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