Why the Transition to Software-Defined Innovation Is the Most Critical Success Factor for Automotive OEMs

During this session you will hear about:
- The transition the mobility industry is going through and why managing requirements is essential for market success
- Why the transition to software-defined innovation is the most critical success factor for OEMs like BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai, etc.
- How Codebeamer is supporting those OEMs in staying innovative, profitable, and relevant in the future
- The customer value Codebeamer ALM offers them and why they have chosen Codebeamer as an enterprise-wide ALM tool

Managing the Complexities in the Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry

Transforming the Future of Mobility

Codebeamer | ALM solution

Codebeamer is an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for modern product and software development. See how Codebeamer can help your organization to simplify complex product and software engineering at scale. Watch the Video
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