Expanding Codebeamer’s Horizon Through Custom Solutions in the Automotive Industry

Join us as we dive into three Codebeamer use cases from the automotive industry and their custom solutions implemented by Nanga Systems. We will explore how custom-built APIs can help to enable certain tracker management functions, how checklist reviews can be addressed using built-in functionality and custom scripting to support ASPICE compliance, and how Codebeamer can be integrated with the test automation tool chain using a specific example.
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Utilizing the Power of Codebeamer to Meet the Digital Transformation Needs in the Automotive Industry

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Transforming the Future of Mobility

Codebeamer | ALM solution

Codebeamer is an application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for modern product and software development. See how Codebeamer can help your organization to simplify complex product and software engineering at scale. Watch the Video
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