An On-Demand Workshop: Gain Control Over Your Product Data

Create a digital foundation for remote collaboration and global product data management

Perhaps you’re looking to enable or enhance collaboration amongst remote employees. Or maybe you need to improve how geographically dispersed teams are managing data across a variety of tools. In either case, creating a digital foundation will pave the way to greater traceability and data governance.

Watch this on-demand workshop and you will learn how to:

  • Transition from your ECAD, MCAD, or document classification tools and methodologies
  • Create an IP-protected single source of truth to manage, review, and share multi-CAD designs and product data across globally distributed teams
  • Provide both expert and non-expert users with appropriate capabilities and accessibility to the most relevant and accurate real-time data
  • Save your teams from non-value adding tasks such as recreating data, answering requests from non-expert users or searching for files

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