Building Customized Apps With ThingWorx Navigate View

Introducing the Application Development Kit (ADK)

Increase the value of product data by aggregating information for a customized, holistic view of the systems that drive your product's lifecycle with ThingWork Navigate View and the Application Development Kit (ADK). 

No matter what the role or task is, up-to-the-minute product data stored in Windchill or other enterprise systems can be made available to everyone. 

On-Demand Webcast: Building Customized Apps with ThingWorx Navigate View

See what's possible with the Application Development Kit in this 30-minute recorded webcast, including demonstrations:

  • Go beyond tailoring with ThingWorx Navigate View, with your own customized app
  • See how up-to-the-minute product data from critical business systems can be viewed


Explore the licensing and pricing options for the Application Development Kit and all other ThingWorx Navigate apps. 

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