Systems Engineering Webcast Featuring Ovum

OVUM logoProduct executives are increasingly challenged to accelerate the delivery of innovative products and manage the proliferation of product variants with fewer resources, while improving quality. The only way to overcome these challenges is through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary (i.e. hardware and software) approach that drives collaboration in the design of complex systems.

In this webcast series, Principal Analyst, Michael Azoff of Ovum and Hedley Apperly, VP of Solution Management at PTC discuss the value of systems engineering and address the following topics:

  • Topic 2: Why do we need systems engineering?
  • Topic 3: What are common challenges and goals of systems engineering?
  • Topic 4: What is the role of model-based systems engineering?
  • Topic 5: What are best practices for improving system design?
  • Topic 6: How can organizations maximize re-use?
  • Topic 7: What are best practices for systems validation and verification?
  • Topic 8: What is the role of systems engineering in an increasingly smart, connected world?