PTC Model-Based Systems Engineering Solution Webcast and Demonstration

Enable Innovation and Reduce Risks with a Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach

Webcast Overview

In this webcast you’ll hear how the PTC Model-Based Systems Engineering solution captures and communicates systems design through standards-based models of systems, their components, systems of systems and system product lines.

Watch the demonstration of the solution and learn about:

  • Designing before you build
  • Validating complex behavior earlier in the design lifecycle
  • Specifying, publishing and reusing your organizations' system assets
  • Model-Based System Product Line Engineering

About the Speaker

Hedley ApperlyHedley Apperly MA, BSc (Hons), is a VP of Solution Management at PTC. He has graduate and post graduate qualifications in engineering, computing and strategic marketing. Hedley is an author and visionary on methodologies, modeling and reuse. He is also a member of the OMG Board of Directors. He was involved in writing Component Based Development for Enterprise Systems (1998 Cambridge University Press). Hedley also co-authored Component Based Software Engineering (1999, Addison-Wesley) and Service- and Component-based Development (2002, Addison Wesley)