PTC-Ovum Webcast on Systems Engineering

The Importance of Systems Engineering for Smart, Connected Products

PTC-Ovum Webcast Series, January 2015

In this webcast series, PTC and Ovum talk about the value of systems engineering and how the demand for smart, connected products has magnified the complexity of product development today.

Hear from Principal Analyst, Michael Azoff of Ovum and Hedley Apperly, VP of Solution Management at PTC as they discuss some of the challenges and goals of systems engineering and how it’s changing the way products are manufactured, operated and serviced.

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Systems Engineering in a Smart, Connect World

Michael and Hedley discuss systems engineering in a smart, connected world and address why we need systems engineering. With increased complexity of software, systems engineering is a practical approach to developing software-rich engineered products.

Systems Engineering: The Challenge and the Goal

In this segment Michael and Hedley outline common challenges and goals of systems engineering. The growing complexity of systems of systems, software quality and security are all challenges that need to be addressed.

The Role of Model-based Systems Engineering

Michael and Hedley talk about the role of model-based systems engineering and how validation, verification and testing at the early stages of development is very important as you are building and designing your products.

The Concepts of Design

Michael and Hedley provide insight into best practices for improving system design and explain how using virtual prototyping to simulate, model and test applications provides complete flexibility for auto-generating code–eliminating software defects.

The Concepts of Reuse

Michael and Hedley discuss the concepts of reuse and how application lifecycle management (ALM) tools need to be connected and integrated with product lifecycle management (PLM). Software needs to be managed and version controlled.

The Concepts of Validation

Michael and Hedley outline best practices for systems validation and verification. Adopting an agile approach helps to speed development, automates testing and provides a feedback loop, allowing changes and improvements earlier on in the lifecycle.

The Importance of Systems Engineering for Smart, Connected Products

Michael and Hedley provide a glimpse into the future of systems engineering in a smart, connected world. Providing a closed-loop solution and connecting devices & systems to the Internet allows manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce development costs and deliver products on time.