• mbse in real life webcast replay

Model-Based Systems Engineering in Real Life Webcast

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides significant opportunities for improved productivity and quality. As this is a relatively new approach there are a limited number real projects to learn from.

Andreas Korff, one of PTC's MBSE experts, shares his real world experiences in this on-demand webcast. He presents his most enlightening cases from PTC customers, such as BMW, and how the challenges faced were addressed and solved.

Hear Andreas take you through each case and how they link to MBSE success:

  • Collaborative MBSE; involving multiple stakeholders and engineering disciplines
  • Architected, modular MBSE for designing connected systems & MBSE supply chains
  • Model-based system product line engineering
  • System & software design for the Internet of Things
  • Product functionality simulation and improvement