How to Tame an Octopus: Exploring Model-Based Systems Engineering Today and Tomorrow

How to tame an octopus Systems engineering is the blue-ringed octopus of technologies: far-reaching, many-tentacled, and if not handled correctly, absolutely deadly to your most strategic projects.

In this presentation, Senior Systems Engineering Fellow Matthew Hause shares insights gained over decades of leading systems engineering transformation projects and participating in the standards bodies that are driving current and future systems engineering standards.

Matthew explores the evolution of a model-based systems engineering approach, from its roots in aerospace and defense to its current popularity across industries. He reviews a typical engineering lifecycle spanning:

  • Process Governance
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Systems Design
  • Functional Allocation and Component Design
  • Code Generation
  • Systems Validation and Verification

Learn how engineering leaders are driving efficiencies through holistic product line engineering and asset reuse. Looking forward, get a sneak peek at the next generation of model-based systems engineering techniques and capabilities, and how you can benefit from them.