Creating Manufacturing Impact with Enterprise PLM: An ABI Research Review

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Industrial Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is rapidly evolving from a tool that helps engineers collaborate on new product designs, to an enterprise solution which encompasses the manufacturing of products, quality control considerations, and how they perform in the market. ABI Research recently conducted a competitive assessment of the top industrial PLM vendors based on criteria in two key areas – innovation and implementation.

As a part of this unbiased review, ABI looked at competencies such as data collection, analytics and simulation, accessibility, regulation compliance, industry expertise, scalability and IT integration. In this webcast, Principal ABI Analyst, Michael Larner is joined by PTC PLM Divisional GM, Kevin O’Brien, to discuss:

  • What makes these core criteria so important for manufacturers and why they should consider these when evaluating PLM vendors
  • Examples of how best-in-class manufacturers are applying these competencies to achieve a digital thread
  • ABI’s review and ranking of top PLM vendors in the market against these criteria

Meet the Presenters:

Michael Larner
Principal Analyst, End Markets Team
ABI Research

Kevin O’Brien
DVP and General Manager, PLM Segment

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