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Capabilities Benefits
Windchill 11.0 M010 and Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.9 - Requirements Integration
  • Easily view Windchill information from Integrity Lifecycle Manager or  Integrity Lifecycle Manager information from Windchill
  • Create traces without having to replicate data across systems
  • Task-based app to trace Integrity Lifecycle Manager Requirements to Windchill product information
  • Reduce time to locate the right information
  • Improve interaction for better requirements authoring
  • Enhance project information and tracking for improved visibility
  • Reduce unwanted errors in collaboration and design process
  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.9
  • Improve ability to find and filter information in large requirement documents
  • Improved usability when performing Undo/Redo operations
  • Enable and manage project specific fields
  • Analyze the content when re-importing documents
  • Respond quickly to market & customer needs
  • Ensure alignment of Requirements through the whole Product definition
  • Reduce rework costs related to meeting Requirements
  • Improve Verification by clear understanding of needs
  • Integrity Requirements Connector 3.1
  • Quickly automate the process to exchange requirements with suppliers, OEMs, or other systems
  • Easily exchange requirements leveraging the RIF file format
  • Reduce needless user interaction time with simple scripted processing
  • Ensure alignment when interacting with your customers and partners

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