Accelerating Continuous Improvement: Using IIoT Technology to get the most from Lean 6σ Watch the Replay

Original Air Date: March 14, 2018

LNS Research believes that 2018 will be the year that dogmatic postures of Lean manufacturing will break down. A new breed of industrial company will emerge and publicly prove with best-in-class results that companies need new approaches to Lean (and Six Sigma) to fully capture the value of digital technology in manufacturing.

In this webcast, we will discuss how Lean thinking can help drive value in an integrated digital enterprise. We will focus on key opportunities for manufacturing companies to merge aspects of their Lean programs and operational excellence with IoT-focused digital transformation.

In this webinar, LNS Research will explore how information from the enterprise and plant can help drive new benefits from old processes. Some key topics will include:

  • How to better present timely information to the shop floor and the top floor, using, for example, Andon boards in the plant and enterprise performance information throughout.
  • How IIoT platforms and new connectivity can enhance workflow management.
  • How new information and traditional 6 sigma and Lean concepts, such as Flow, 5 whys and DMAIC, can improve manufacturing problem solving techniques.
  • How digital transformation and modern analytics will improve traditional lean concepts and analytic methods.

Executives in charge of enterprise transformation and operational excellence, manufacturing and engineering leaders, and Lean and Six sigma experts will benefit from learning how the traditional and the forward looking work together to improve manufacturing and manufacturers.