The Road to Success in IIoT is Paved in Use Cases: Learn How Role-Based Manufacturing Apps are Leading the Way Webcast Replay

Original Air Date: June 14, 2018

IIoT has the potential to transform every aspect of manufacturing, but charting the digital transformation journey and realizing its value can be challenging. Manufacturers around the globe and across industries struggle to decide where to begin, when to integrate digitalization into business outcomes, and how to select the right high-value use cases.

Watch this webcast replay and hear about PTC’s use case framework, see a demo our pre-built manufacturing apps, and learn how to pave the way for your success with IIoT. You’ll learn how to:

  • Select high-value use cases that deliver rapid, expandable value
  • Quickly and easily connect disparate factory devices and machines
  • Gain real time visibility into factory floor operations to reduce downtime, improve quality, productivity and flexibility
  • Monitor, analyze and act on operational data in real-time to improve performance


Jeffrey A Miller Vice President, Customer Success – Advisory Services - PTC

Jordan Chaisson, Manager, Product Management, ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps - PTC