Aberdeen Research Report: Preparing Yourself for the Smart Connected Factory

Preparing Yourself for the Smart Connected Factory

Manufacturing has always been a complex world of high-speed decision-making, constant change, and reams of data - and it won't slow down or become simpler anytime soon. This brief explores the challenges faced, and the approach needed to take advantage of this evolving environment and the smart connected factory of the future.

Become Smart and Connected:

The only way to survive in the increasingly complex world of manufacturing is to become data- driven. Good products and operational efficiency are still incredibly important, but a critical differentiator will also be taking advantage of the data that a company already has inside their org anization. Don’t fight this increasing complexity — embrace it — and adapt your capabilities to become a data -driven manufacturer . The factory of the future is going to be smart and connected . You, as a manufacturer, must become data -driven to fully take advantage of this new opportunity .

At sites that have made efforts to move away from reactive based decision making, we have increased capacity utilization by about 20%, decreased maintenance costs by 25%, and reduced spare part inventory by 20%.”

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