Solar Turbines Increases Shop Floor Productivity and Flexibility

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Event Description

Product design and assembly are both complex and continuously changing, making it difficult to design manufacturing processes, train operators, and ensure peak productivity. In this session, Eric C. Horn, PLM Solution Architect at Solar Turbines, will outline how this leading manufacturer of gas turbine engines is using advanced methods to bring work instructions to the shop floor, and exploring new technologies to enhance production execution.

Viewers will learn how manufacturing process planning and production execution can be tightly integrated with product design information. Mr. Horn will also describe the delivery of work instructions to the shop floor in the context of technologies like associative 3D illustrations, smart tools and augmented reality.

Length: 1 Hour

Speaker: Eric C. Horn

PLM Solution Architect Solar Turbines

Eric C. Horn has spent his career in understanding business processes and technology for complex engineering environments. Most recently this has led to being the PLM Solution Architect at Solar Turbines, responsible for the use of a large complex database and its integration into the business environment. This includes understanding integration to ERP, front end sales, configuration management systems, and finance and costing models.