• application of digital thread for manufacturers

Webcast: Application of Digital Thread for Manufacturers

With Pragmatic Case-Studies from Initial Use-Case Implementation to Enterprise Scaling

This webcast originally aired on Aug 25, 2021

For product manufacturers, Digital Transformation and more specifically the Digital Thread is generating business value in unprecedented ways. While early adopters are leading the way, other organizations are struggling to decide on where to begin. Even when manufacturers have begun their journeys, they often encounter challenges to drive sustainable value and fail to meet return-on-investment (ROI) targets.

Join Kalypso, a global consulting firm exclusively focused digital and PTC’s Global Systems Integrator Partner of the Year, as we discuss the Digital Thread and share pragmatic examples of where digital has delivered tangible and sustainable business value. Come hear us discuss real examples of how we have used:

  • Digital Twin technology to shorten equipment commissioning time by up to 50% and reduce operator training time by up to 75%.
  • Smart Connected Operations to increase equipment utilization by up to 15%, labor productivity by up to 25%, and reduce equipment downtime of up to 30%.-
  • Advance Analytics to increase productivity by up to 25% and reduce non-operational time by up to 35%.
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