Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing -- with Role-based Apps

Webcast Replay

Original Air Date: August 1, 2018

Global manufacturers are focused on digital transformation initiatives to change how they operate so they can drive improved value to customers. However, many of these initiatives get stuck in what the industry is referring to as “pilot purgatory” because of an incomplete vision. These initiatives fail to tie IoT to business initiatives or chart the complete digital transformation journey for people, processes, and technology.

For the past 6 years, LNS Research has conducted an “Analytics that Matter” survey to better understand the state of IoT initiatives. From adoption rates and common use cases to best practices for success – LNS Research gets to the bottom of what manufacturers expect from IoT platforms. This year, it became obvious that the best IoT platforms for manufacturers should include role-based applications and accelerators for manufacturing initiatives.

Watch this webcast replay with Matthew Littlefield, President & Principle Analyst of LNS Research, and JP Provencher, VP of Product Management at PTC, where they provide an overview of the survey results to help you:

  • Understand the impact of IIoT on manufacturing and business performance
  • Develop a holistic approach for digital transformation that links business objectives to IoT investments
  • Select high-value use cases that deliver rapid, expandable value
  • Learn how to accelerate initiatives with role-based industry apps


Matthew Littlefield, President & Principle Analyst, LNS Research

JP Provencher, Vice President, Product Management, PTC