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Learn How to Scale Industry 4.0 to Achieve Double-Digit Business Value

Overcome the two main obstacles—pilot and scale purgatory—that prevent manufacturers from unlocking the benefits of Industry 4.0

A practical guide to scaling Industry 4.0 by learning from the successes of real-world manufacturers

Many manufacturers struggle with timely and efficient scaling of pilot projects into production. When programs fail to deliver meaningful financial impact via speed at scale, they lose enterprise-level sponsorship and the support needed to succeed. Fortunately, with some key insights and planning, it’s possible to roll out a successful transformation.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan value to align with business strategy
  • Design a program to organize people, processes, and technologies
  • Prove value to illustrate real-world impact
  • Scale value to create transformative waves
  • Ensure ongoing and future success with effective program governance

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Report - Learn How to Scale Industry 4.0