According to PWC, 90% of industrial companies have invested in digital transformation of their plants and factories. Market leaders enjoy competitive advantage because they’ve already started Industry 4.0 transformation—and are earning significant value as a result.

It should be no surprise that your service organization also stands to benefit from its own digital transformation. New service offerings, built on a smart, connected product strategy, are delivering a double-digit impact to companies—including peers and competitors. PTC invites you to discover service opportunities for driving new revenue, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction—all built on a connected product strategy.

Access your replay to hear from Justin Hester, Sr. Director of Digital Transformation and Jon Kadane, Director of Solutions Product Marketing for Smart, Connected Products as they discuss:

  • The state of digital transformation in manufacturing and service
  • How digital disruption is happening beyond the plant
  • Transformational strategies employed by your industry peers
  • Examples of success that you can apply to your business

Your company has taken the first step on a digital transformation journey. The time is now to build on that success with service transformation—delivering value to your customers, your company and your investors.;



Justin Hester Sr. Director Digital Transformation, PTC


Jon Kadane,  Director of Solutions Product Marketing for Smart, Connected Products, PTC