Are You Ready for the Internet of Things Era? As adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more widespread, companies are looking to take advantage of this new technology

When it comes to building and deploying IoT initiatives, many organizations do not have the necessary skills in-house. As a result, they turn to universities to get younger talent with expertise in IoT-related development.

Speaker: Aida Boukhris, Research Associate at of Information Systems at the University Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. Before she started her PhD, Aida worked as an embedded systems engineer for over two years within an electronics development company specialized in motors control. She also received a master's in Innovation management after she completed her thesis at the institute Fraunhofer IMW in Leipzig, investigating the relationship between business model innovation and high-growth firms. When she joined the chair, her responsibilities included the management of H2020 EU project consisting of the organization of a summer academy around the Internet of Things. Since then, she has focused her research interests on the design of product-service systems within the context of the IoT, the integration of users within the design of such systems through prototyping, and the interactions involved within IoT systems and how can these be enhanced.

Watch this webinar to learn how industry and academia worked together to address this major issue.